The marmarit mining corporate group of Esfand, Omid, Golpad and Alvand, working under the supervision of the ministry of industries and business of Fars and Yazd provinces with a working of 25 years and with a reserve of 1.5 million tons raw mineral materials each, on its objective of exploitive of a variety of marmarit coops taking advantage of a variety of heavy mining Russell, in the era of self-sufficiency has been able to take a big step not only in employment section but to have an influential but humble role in the self-sufficiency for exporting this mineral material alongside providing for a part of stone coop's domestic use.

Machineries list:

400 tons Excavator: 2

600 tons Loader: 6

470 tons Loader: 2

988 tons Loader: 3

500 tons Loader: 1

370 tons Loader: 1

Dump truck: 1

Sondage: 1

Cutting wire: 22

Russell: 10

Mine objectives:

Increase in productivity of mining and improvement in the condition of cutting by progress in scientific and technological level and the use of new methods of extraction in order to produce standard stone block with the best size and dimensions according to method of foreign markets, marketing and preparing the conditions for participation and achieving remarkable contributions in both domestic and foreign markets, have been always part of objectives of this complex.