In the name of God

Esfand and Omid of Abadeh marble stone mine complex managed by Mr. Saeed Samimi with the aim of exploration, extracting and producing stone block, started its activity in 1990.
By having several marble stone mines and supply of more than 1,000,000 (one million) tons of raw mineral material, it has received several operation licenses from supervisory organization of Industry, Mine and Trade of Fars and yazd provinces. By utilizing different kind of mining heavy machineries and new methods of excavation and technology of diamond wire cutting in 10 working districts in four seasons of the year, they are producing stone block.
It is worth mentioning that by relentless effort in this field of production, this company has the honor of receiving several awards and statues as the top miner and the top discoverer within a few consecutive years.
In order to complete the cycle of production chain and because of processing stone block to construction decorative stones in a fully competitive market and in order to provide part of required stone in construction industry of country and export, the management of this complex established and launched Saeed Stone Cutting Factory in an area of 23,000 square meters in 1999 and equipped it with new full automatic and smart machineries and equipment which have been installed and by utilizing experienced personnel, more than 150,000 square meters of cutted stone produced in different dimensions and various colors (wavy, cream, pink cream) during one year and with a quality of international standards. These products can provides part of required stone in the country and have been exported to the countries such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Persian Gulf countries. Now, by the grace God and by the aim of customers orientation and satisfaction , this company intends to set effective step further than before in production and stone industry to perform an effective role in advancement, progress and self sufficiency of our beloved country , Iran.

Our mission:

It is obligatory for us to improve the quality of the products, achieve global production standards, job creation and taking an effective step toward self sufficiency for the honor of our beloved country Iran.

Our objectives:

Our Islamic homeland, Iran, with an ancient history and civilization, rich and varied resources of stone, is suitable for stone industry which has a global reputation in this regard. So there would be no aim greater than this to conquer this industry all around the world with several decades of experiment, using expert counselor and by relying on up-to-date knowledge of the world and completing the cycle and production chain.